“I had 6-weeks to prepare for my physique show in October 2016… I approached the guys at Beyond Human to help me with my training and nutrition, knowing I only had a short period of time to get my self into stage condition….I could not be happier with where they got me…I have just begun the
15-week program to help me prepare for next years shows – stay tuned!.”


“I have been training for almost 10 years in the gym…Regardless of what I did training wise and supplements I took, I could never seem to ‘tighten’ things up and lose that bit of chub I had hanging around… I am only 3-weeks into the 15-week program and I am noticing the changes already…. My diet is tailored exactly to what I need (which I had never done before) and the training intensity is amazing… Looking forward to the next 12-weeks!”


“I was always in and out of training, sometimes a couple of months would go by where I would just not have the time or energy to train. I approached Beyond Human to help me develop myself physically and mentally to get back into shape. 9 weeks of hard training and keeping watch on my nutrition has surely paid off ”