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Marques Harris


About Marques Harris


Marques Harris is an entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Beyond Human. Armed with his relentless drive and his burning passion for wellness.

Marques has pioneered a range of powerful products designed to help men & women of all ages and backgrounds restore their depleted testosterone levels and embrace living life to the fullest. In a time when more men and women than ever are struggling with the harmful effects of chronically low testosterone, Marques seeks to help people achieve optimum chemical balance and wellbeing, so they can feel the incredible benefits of high testosterone and the profound ripple effect that it has on all areas of their lives – including improved energy and mood, mental clarity, better sleep, higher libido, growth in muscle mass, and reduced inflammation.

As a passionate advocate for the rapidly growing Hormonal Replacement Therapy sector, Marques is committed to raising awareness about this life-changing opportunity, answering the evolving call for testosterone-boosting products and empowering people with the knowledge and tools they need to take charge of their health. His clinic and team of dedicated medical professionals are equipped to help clients rediscover the best version of themselves through personalized plans and treatment regimens

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