Christy Spain

Certified Medical Assistant - Hormone Replacement Therapy Services
Brief info

As a Certified Medical Assistant, Christy’s primary focus is to help men and women feel ‘beyond
human” within a wellness concierge setting. Her main role involves promoting health and
wellness to patients through educational methods that focus on healthy habits and
preventative measures to decrease the risk of disease or illness. Patient education is a major
part of what Christy loves doing to help patients achieve their goals. Christy is also responsible
for ensuring that the office is running smoothly and for promoting a "team" environment.

For Christy, Beyond Human is not just a place to work; it’s a way of life. When she is not helping
others, Christy likes to workout, hike, bike, and play sports. She participates in multiple leagues
(volleyball, softball, and kickball) throughout the year. During the summer, Christy enjoys water
boating or SUP’ing. Outside of staying active. Christy is also a mom to a 14-year old daughter
who is involved in Cheer/Dance. Together, they like baking up a storm, crafting, or watching
scary/comedy movies.

Prior to joining the Beyond Human family, Christy served as a Certified Medical Assistant for
various medical professionals throughout the Colorado area. In these roles, she worked with
physicians to perform a wide range of procedures while providing expert, thoughtful care to all
patients. Additionally, Christy has developed a diverse skill set across nearly two decades of
work experience, including excellent interpersonal communication, technical, and operational
skills. Christy has a Nursing Certification from Sanford Brown College of Nursing in Missouri. She
also has a BLS certification. Christy is always willing to further educate herself through
continuing education or on-the-job training.

1 (720) 851 2225
16526 Keystone Blvd Ste A
Parker, CO

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