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What Are Peptides, and How Can Peptide Therapy Help Me?

What Are Peptides, and How Can Peptide Therapy Help Me?

What Are Peptides, and How Can Peptide Therapy Help Me?

The popularity of peptide therapy has increased exponentially. If you’ve noticed more articles about peptides recently, you may be wondering exactly what they are and if they’re right for you. At Beyond Human, we regularly offer peptide therapy to patients searching for effective ways to boost their health and wellness.

What Are Peptides?

To put it simply, peptides are chemical combinations that improve wellness in a variety of ways. Peptides are naturally found in all living things. They are linked chains of amino acids, which are chemical compounds composed of elements like oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen.

There are numerous types of peptides, and each peptide features anywhere from two to fifty linked amino acids. Shorter peptide chains are called oligopeptides, whereas longer peptide chains are called polypeptides. The amino acids in these chains work in combination to fuel natural functions of the body.

Like peptides, proteins are also made of amino acids. However, peptides are much shorter chains, meaning they can be more easily absorbed and utilized by the human body, reaching the bloodstream much more quickly.

What Is Peptide Therapy?

Peptide therapy is a tailored method of delivering natural or synthetic peptides to areas of the body. It is used to improve health and wellness in a way that is targeted, precise, and customized to each individual patient’s unique needs.

Peptides can be delivered through a number of methods. They can be administered topically as a cream, transdermally as a patch, orally in supplement or pill form, or nasally. One of the most popular methods is via injection, since this ensures direct transfer to the bloodstream without breakdown.

It may take some time to notice the full results of your peptide therapy treatment. The time required to see results varies from patient to patient depending on the specific peptides being delivered and the exact conditions being treated. Some deliver results in weeks, while others require months.

How Can Peptides Help Me?

Since there are so many types of peptides available, the ways that they can aid patients are practically endless. Peptides offer a number of mental and physical benefits.

Mental Benefits

Peptides can improve patients’ energy levels, enhance mood, reduce anxiety and stress, improve alertness, and boost cognitive performance and memory. They can increase serotonin and address the symptoms of ADHD.

Skin Aesthetics

Peptides are very effective for improving the appearance of the skin. They can fight acne, reduce signs of the aging process like fine wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, and help skin look darker/tanner.

Body Functionality

Peptides can improve body functionality. They can help build and repair muscles, boost joint and ligament health, and enhance bone healing and bone density. Peptides can improve physical endurance, cardiovascular function, overall athletic performance, and post-workout recovery.


When the body is injured, peptides are an ideal healing aid. They can effectively improve recovery in a variety of ways, reducing pain and inflammation, healing burns, repairing damaged nerves, promoting wound healing, restoring the skin barrier, and even minimizing scarring.

Health Conditions

Peptides help patients who are experiencing various health conditions. They can aid in regulating and treating psoriasis, alopecia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, stomach ulcers, IBS, and more. Additionally, they can strengthen a patient’s immune system.

Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss and dietary regulation, many people swear by peptides. They can decrease appetite, reduce weight, improve metabolism to burn fat, boost gut health, and act as an antioxidant.

Sexual Wellness

Peptides are a popular way to improve sexual wellness. They can boost libido, arousal, performance, sexual receptiveness, orgasms, erections, and sperm count. Peptides can increase testosterone, address female infertility, and aid in menstrual-cycle regulation. They can even improve romantic attachment, social interactions, and pair bonding.

A Note About Peptide Therapy

Note that not all peptide therapy is FDA-approved, and the peptides we provide may not all be FDA-approved. Peptides are generally quite safe, but while side-effects are rare, they can still occur. Because of this, it is vital to discuss peptide therapy with a qualified healthcare professional, who can evaluate your unique case, including any pre-existing health conditions and current medications.

Arrange a Consultation

Find out whether peptides at Beyond Human are right for you—contact us today and arrange your personalized consultation at our Parker or Aurora office. Our health and wellness professionals will perform an evaluation, recommend the ideal peptides for your goals, and tell you more about the peptide therapy process.

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